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Are there any monthly fees?

No, PitPat is standalone and subscription free.

When will my order arrive?

Orders placed before 2pm ship the same working day by Royal Mail 1st Class and usually arrive the next day.

Do I need a special collar?

PitPat has been designed to attach to your dog’s existing collar. As a guideline PitPat will fit collars up to 40mm wide and 5mm thick.

How does PitPat attach to my dog's collar?

PitPat attaches with a simple wrap-around VELCRO® strap. An extender is included for large collars. 

Can I take PitPat off the collar once fitted?

Yes, the Velcro is strong enough that it won't come off as your dog goes about its day to day adventures, but it can be taken off and refitted as required. However, we recommend that PitPat is left on the collar.

Will PitPat fit my dog?

PitPat is suitable for all breeds of dog. We do not recommend PitPat is used with young puppies.

Do I need to recharge PitPat?

No, PitPat does not need to be recharged. Depending on use, the battery will last over a year before it needs to be replaced.

Can I change the battery?

Yes, PitPat uses a low cost CR1632 coin cell (similar to a watch or remote control battery) which is available from most supermarkets or electronics stores. See battery for more details.

Is PitPat safe for my dog?

Yes, PitPat has been designed with your dog in mind and is certified to the relevant international safety standards and is CE marked.

Does PitPat emit harmful radiation which could harm my dog?

No, PitPat uses standard Bluetooth® technology which is perfectly safe for humans and pets.

Does the battery in PitPat heat up during use like my mobile phone?

No, the battery does not heat up during use.

How do I find out what my dog has been up to?

Simply press the button on PitPat and the data collected is transferred to the PitPat app on your phone over Bluetooth®. The PitPat device can store over a week's worth of activity data. The PitPat app keeps a record of all data transferred to it.

Is PitPat waterproof?

PitPat is suitable for short term immersion (dips in a pond, splashing in the sea etc) up to 1m. For prolonged immersion or washing, PitPat should be removed temporarily. For the techies - PitPat is rated to IP67.

Will PitPat work with my phone?

PitPat works with the latest iOS and Android phones with Bluetooth® 4.0 (also called Bluetooth® Smart or Bluetooth® Low Energy) built in. The PitPat app is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

Compatible iOS devices (running version 7.0 or newer): iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus.

Compatible Android devices (running version 4.4 or newer): Including (not exhaustive) Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S3 (check the phone has Android 4.4+), Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One, OnePlus One, Blackberry Priv.

I have more than one dog, can I use more than one PitPat with my phone?

The PitPat app can support up to three PitPat devices, but you’ll need to have one PitPat per dog.

Can the same PitPat device be used on more than one phone?

The same PitPat device cannot be used with more than one phone.

How does PitPat work?

PitPat captures your dog’s motion using a three-axis accelerometer. Our advanced algorithms interpret this motion and translate it into specific activity types (e.g. walking, running, playing and resting). We then compare this data to guidelines from over 200 breeds of dog and provide simple advice and recommendations.

How does PitPat tell the difference between walking, running and playing?

PitPat judges walking and running by sensing the natural gait motion of the dog. PitPat judges the difference between walking and running by the intensity/exertion. If a dog is constantly changing from walking, to running, to stopping and changing direction this is characteristic of many dog games and the activity is interpreted as playing. PitPat looks at the different activities over a 5-10 minute period and then classifies the activity as the one which was the most prominent in the period. For walking and running PitPat also looks at the consistency/regularity of the motion in the period of time to make sure it is owner initiated exercise that is counted towards the goal (as opposed to the dog pottering around the house).

Does PitPat track my dog’s location with GPS?

No, PitPat is an activity monitor (walking, running, sleeping, playing etc) and does not have GPS.

Can PitPat also tell me how many calories my dog has burnt?

Not only does PitPat measure your dog’s activity each day, it also estimates calories burnt. It’s important that you enter an accurate weight for your dog and keep this up-to-date as this will affect the calculation. Our proprietary algorithms also take into consideration factors including the age of your dog and whether it has been neutered or not. This handy feature will help you plan feeding and keep your pooch in tip-top shape.

Is there a version for cats?

Sorry cat lovers, for the moment PitPat is just for dogs. 

How does PitPat differ from other dog activity monitors?

Unlike other activity monitors PitPat does not need to be recharged. Advanced power management allows PitPat to work for over a year using a low cost coin cell battery.  This helps reduce manufacturing cost, meaning PitPat is significantly lower cost than similar devices. PitPat also does not have a subscription fee.

Where is PitPat manufactured?

PitPat is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

How big is PitPat?

PitPat is roughly 40x30x15mm and weighs 12g.

What is the Bluetooth pincode?

Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, you do not have to enter a pin code. To simplify setup, the PitPat device is paired from within the PitPat app and should not be paired from the iOS or Android settings menu.

What should I tell my dog about PitPat?

We’re sure your dog will love PitPat but if you need to have a word we recommend using translateforanimals. Woof woof.

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