Get PitPat Fit

PitPat, the dog activity monitor, gives you a fun and easy way to really understand your dog’s exercise levels through a small device that fits onto its collar and a free app.

                          PEACE OF MIND


Does my dog get the right amount of exercise? How can I tell if I’ve walked my dog too little or too much? PitPat allows you to set exercise goals for your dog that are tailored to it's breed, age and weight.   



What does my dog get up to when I’m not around? Do they get enough rest? PitPat breaks your dog’s activity up into walking, running, resting and playing so you can see what they’re doing throughout the day.



How does it work? PitPat’s advanced ‘dogorithms’ immediately set to work retrieving your stats so the fun starts here. Just sync with the free app on your phone and you can see what they’ve been up to.