Having trouble fetching doggy data?

  • Please check your phone has Bluetooth® switched on. The PitPat device is paired from within the PitPat app and should not be paired from the iOS or Android settings menu. Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, you do not have to enter a pin code.
  • After the initial pairing, to fetch the latest data you have to sync. This is done by pressing the sync button in the app (device shaped icon in the top right) and then the button on the PitPat device.
  • Stuck at "Searching for devices"? Please try pressing Cancel (bottom right) and then quickly pressing the sync button (device shaped icon in the top right).
  • Is PitPat still refusing to sync? Occasionally after an iOS, Android or App update this can be resolved by turning the phone/tablet off, then on again.
  • Please make sure your dog is in the same room or nearby your phone/tablet when you try to sync.
  • Please check your phone/tablet is compatible by visiting . The PitPat app requires Bluetooth® 4.0 and iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.4+.

Still got a problem?

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