Dogs in the Den

It's been a month since our founder Andrew Nowell entered Dragons' Den, seeking investment to grow PitPat in the UK and abroad and to raise awareness of pet health. A pawsome performance from award-winning agility dogs Hazel and Bramble, a strong pitch, and great feedback on the product led to two competing offers from Deborah Meaden and Nick Jenkins. If you didn’t catch the show, find out the result here:

Screenshot: BBC iPlayer

Screenshot: BBC iPlayer

Since the show was filmed, we have gone from strength to strength and have launched PitPat across Europe and in New Zealand, increasing our sales by over 5 times. We have also continued to improve the product by adding a calorie measurement to the app. With over half of the UK's 9 million dogs overweight, pet obesity is an epidemic that needs to be tackled. We plan to expand the calorie feature to record feeding, helping owners to keep their pooches in tip-top shape; and there is more to come.

By connecting our app, we are going to create a network of dog owners who are keen to learn more about their pets and improve the well-being of their furry friends. Additional features and rewards will help provide owners with motivation to achieve their goals, learn from others and share their successes.

We are currently growing our team of tech hounds to get these exciting features to you sooner, and will be launching a fundraising round on Crowdcube in October. We are committed to improving pet health globally and would like to welcome you on that journey, too. Stay tuned for further details!

Our first PitPat Pack Meet!

At PitPat, we think the only thing that tops hanging out with your dog at home is hanging out with LOTS of dogs in the park! So when we found out that All Dogs Matter were organising The Victoria Park Fun Dog Show we wanted in! They not only said we could sponsor the show, but that we could have our very first PitPat Pack meet there too! Our pawfect pals, @adventuresofdoodles , @thecotswoldspaniels and @sillytillypoodle all swapped their rural surroundings for the bustle and beauty of London Victoria Park for the day. 

Here is what happens when a lot of Pack-ers get together (hint: a whole load of tail wagging fun) written by our special guest blogger @adventuresofdoodles. And if you missed out on this Pack meet don’t get your tails in a twist; there will be more pawsomeness to come. Extra bark-outs to All Dogs Matter for rehoming and rescuing so many dogs to their furever homes and for having us. We can’t wait for next time!

A Day With… PitPat at the Victoria Park Dog Show in aid of All Dogs Matter

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

On Sunday we were invited by the lovely people at PitPat to attend the Victoria Park Dog Show, in aid of All Dogs Matter, with them for their first ever PitPat Pack Meet! If you don’t know who PitPat are (and if not, why not?!), they make a fantastic activity monitor for dogs! I have had mine for almost five months now and we absolutely love it – you can check out our full review on their product here! Anyway, on to Sunday! We arrived at Victoria Park bright and early, the show started at 11 but we were meeting up with the PitPat team for a photoshoot beforehand along with the gorgeous Woody and Wilma from The Cotswold Spaniels. Having packed everything but the kitchen sink, it was a good job we got a good parking spot from which to haul all our bags to the PitPat tent – lucky for us there was plenty of space for all our stuff and we were able to set up a little camp at the back of the tent as a rest area. As we arrived the professional photography team, Charlie and Matt from Yokan, were just setting up. They needed some willing pups to take some test shots and, of course, we were willing to oblige.

Shortly after, the gorgeous duo that is The Cotswold Spaniels arrived and we set off to explore the beautiful park hopeful that we would be able to get at least one shot of all four dogs together! After taking a quick detour via the doggy ball pit (which was awesome!) we began to explore the park and strike some poses. We did just about manage to get a few group shots with lots of treat bribery all round but unfortunately our shoot was cut a little short when Rhapsody and I decided to go for a little swim in the delightfully stinky, stagnant lake. In our defence we were just chasing our ball, Mum really needs to work on her aim! Lucky for us, in the chaos before we left, Mum had packed our Dogrobes so after a pit stop in our rest area we were dry and fresh(ish) in no time at all!

The PitPat stall was pretty awesome. Charlie and Matt had set up their pro photo booth at one end and at the other end, in front of our rest area, was the best part. A whole table of yummy goodies for pups and their humans alike. The amazing Pawbakes (another company we LOVE, see our review of their baking kits here) had donated some of their kits so there were lots of delicious pupcakes to sell and raise money for All Dogs Matter! The PitPat stall was heaving all day, their combination of yummy snacks, a fantastic product and the loveliest team of people we’ve ever met, was drawing a huge crowd!

Woody and Wilma’s Mummy, Megan, was tasked with the very important job of following PitPat’s founding hound Andrew during the show, he was asked to do the very important job of helping to judge the dog shows, a job we did not envy – there were so many cute dogs we would never have been able to choose! All the wining pups were offered a photoshoot with Charlie and Matt on the PitPat stall, modelling their new PitPat from their winning goodie bags of course, which mean we got to see all the winners up close and personal. We think Andrew did a pretty good job choosing the most fabulous dogs in each category (and he only had to pay us two pupcakes each to say that!). Along with the gorgeous winners we also met loads of other pawesome pups that came to visit the PitPat stall, we finally got to meet the handsome Jude the French, squished some very tiny Chihuahua puppies and met a ginormous bull mastiff x German Shepard who’s head was bigger than Rhapsody! There were so many gorgeous dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds including some dogs that had been previously adopted from All Dogs Matter, it was lovely to see them all with their forever families, happy and healthy as all dogs should be.

Our afternoon was filled with fun and photos. We posed in the photo booth (someone had to show everyone how it was done), showed off our agility skills and tricks, relaxed in a gorgeous bed from Teddy Maximus under a tree, filmed the entire show on Rhaps-cam (AKA a GoPro) and even posed for photos with the lovely PitPat team. Holly from Teddy Maximus had also been kind enough to send some of her gorgeous signature bow ties for us with Andrew. They are just beautiful, and we can confirm they also wash well, in case you’re particular to l’eau de fox poo like me. We cannot wait to meet Holly at Discover Dogs so we can thank her properly with lots of kisses and cuddles, and maybe persuade Mum that we simply NEED a Teddy Maximus bed in our lives!

Of course, PitPat was not the only stall at the show, you’ll see them all in our show video soon but we thought we’d just share our favourites with you! Next to the PitPat stall was Fetch & Follow who had very generously donated a collar and lead set to our charity auction last month so we were keen to say thank you, and of course check out what they had on offer! Our favourite items had to be their handcrafted leather dog collars, they are so simple and elegant, perfect for any stylish pooch. Next up was Oli Juste’s stall, Oli is a dog trainer and behaviourist by trade, his stall was not only full of lots of fantastic training information but also of great products, from classically brilliant Kong toys to their very own leads, bandanas and poo bag dispensers. Our final favourite, last but by no means least, were the uniquely gorgeous offerings from Hiro + Wolf. As soon as Mum saw their stall we knew we were in for the long haul. Mum loves to find new accessory companies and she was thrilled to find one as unique as Hiro + Wolf. She fell in love with their gorgeous collars, with their exceptional designs and high end feel, they are definitely on her wish list! Her absolute favourites were their Inca Blue and Inca Pink collars, with the gorgeous tan vegetable leather and soft Inca style blankets woven in Bolivia they were just stunning.

Once the show finished we hung around for a bit for one very special reason, my little bro was coming to see us! Some of you may remember Vincent from our trip to Alice Holt a few months ago, he is my little brother from the litter after mine and he was just the cutest little thing (according to Mum). He’s grown a little since we last saw him, he is nearly as big as me now and still very cute! We were super excited to see each other and had a good play but I was a little grumpy after my long day so I wasn’t the best big brother. It was still great to see him and his human, I promise I’ll be nicer next time!

All in all, we had a fantastic day with the PitPat team. We love everything about their product and cannot wait to see what they come up with next! Not only do they have a fantastic product but they are also a genuinely lovely group of individuals (that give wonderful cuddles) and we look forwards to working with them again in the future!

To get your own PitPat you can check out their website here.

To keep up with their latest news, and see lots of pictures from our photo shoot, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

All photos were taken by either Megan (@thecotswoldspaniels) or Amy (@sillytillypoodle), thank you ladies, your  photos are amazing!

PitPat Pooches get their own back.

We at PitPat are dedicated to helping keep dogs fit and healthy but recently our Pack pooches were wondering why we weren’t doing so well with our own activities. So we tasked Esther to be our human tester and find something to help us get as fit as our Pack pups. Muffin is our Pack Miss Motivator! 

EA: Since joining the Pack I haven’t been running as much, but I am probably fitter due to my commute being on my bike. So I have been frustrated at the fact that all my fitness apps and gadgets don’t recognise my extra activity because they all revolve around running. Enter the new FitBit Charge HR, in a rather gorgeous teal blue. It was delivered to my work, I charged it up, nice and quickly I might add and installed the app onto my phone. So far, so smooth Fitbit.

I pedalled home and here are my first wonderful stats! 

But after I arrived home that day, my offspring was convinced that she in fact should wear the FitBit and not me. It was the nicest colour for her, you see and lots of her friends have them.  After rebuffing her with the ultimate argument: “because I said so,” I promised that I would take her out with our Pack friend Muffin to review our joint antics of PitPat and Fitbit tech wearing on a go-pro captured run along the Cam.

The ‘Summer’ weather turned out too awful for river running so I had lots of solo fun with Fitbit to get acquainted with the features. My wet commutes tested the water resistance and found it to be top notch. Two weeks in and I was already getting rather addicted to the literal buzz of hitting my target 10,000 steps. It was very hard not to do a celebratory dance or fist pump whenever and wherever I happened to hit that goal. Even on the yogurt aisle in Tesco; celebrate with me probiotics purchasers!

And have I mentioned that for the first time I was getting recognition for my pedal powering across Cambridge?! I was excited to see that there were different levels of exertion, just like PitPat recognises different activities. The different zones of Fat burning, cardio and peak were all helpfully colour coded too. And just like with PitPat I was earning badges for my efforts. More of my self high five celebrations were in the office as I received my notifications in my email, it was SO motivating! To date I have earned a Redwood Forrest, Urban Boot, Penguin March, Trainer and a Marathon and I just got a Helicopter too. Each badge comes with its own little picture and explanation of your achievement. For instance the Penguin badge is when you have stepped the same distance as the Emperor Penguins when they do their yearly March. Serious cuteness. It even sends me weekly reports on my activity, and really how many other reports do you get at work that are so exciting and GOOD for your health? The only gripe I have is I don’t get as many hours of sleep as Fitbit tells me. We seem to be an office of the perpetual sleepless here at PitPat. It does pick up on my restlessness very nicely though so it’s definitely monitoring my crazy dreams about running around with hundreds of furry PitPat Pack-ers. Woof!

I haven’t even begun to use the feature for food intake yet although I am sure that it will help with eating the right amount. It’s so exciting to share that our very own PitPat app has gone live with a tailored calorie counter for your pooch! Our Tech Hounds have had their noses down for months testing it out with different dogs. We had lots of lovely Pack-ers requesting this feature to help keep their dogs at the right weight. We can’t wait to hear how you all use the Calorie burn feature to help you work out how much to feed them based on their activity. We know this will help the Pack work out when their furry pal is feigning hunger to get treats and when it might be good to let them run around for another 5 minutes.

Muffin is definitely looking at me with pride in her doggy eyes these days as we compare our activity stats, me on my Fitbit and her on her PitPat! I now feel even more motivated to steal her away for some play and walkies because now we BOTH get badges! 

The Fitbit team wanted in on the PitPat action and tasked a lovely little Frenchie called Bowie with being the furry tester.

Here is his dog tale:

I will leave you with my very best fail at using go-pro.

B is for....

We’ve been busy Bs at PitPat HQ over the past few weeks:

B is for Beeb

PitPat was featured on BBC Click, which was broadcast around the globe! 

CBBC’s puppet dog Hacker and tech presenter Lara Lewington put PitPat through its paces, along with several other pet gadgets. The sun was shining in the BBC garden and hopefully we didn’t tire out Hacker too much. They both gave PitPat the paws up!

B is for Bluetooth

Our best in breed technology won us the opportunity to present PitPat to the media at an exclusive Bluetooth event. We were in good company with many other fantastic products on display. We particularly loved See.Sense, a connected and intelligent bike light. It does much more than just keeping you visible, it also advises best routes, alerts people when you have an accident and much more! We also discovered it is manufactured in the same factory as PitPat in Northern Ireland -what are the chances?!? –

We also had great fun playing with The Wand – an intelligent connected controller for your life! With many great styles to chose from (Star Trek, Doctor Who), they are bound to be a -

B is for Bring you Dog to Work Day

One of our favourite hounds Muffin was recruited for the very special task of distracting us in the office last Friday for the annual event organised by Hownd. The day was a great success, trending at #5 on Twitter and featuring all over the national press. All Dogs Matter raised a large amount of well deserved sponsorship and many more people were alerted to the stellar work they do taking care of pooches in need all over the country.

Here’s Muffinator trying to force our team to play fetch, and looking very pleased with herself.

And finally, B is for Brunch

Well, it is the weekend and you know you and your pup pal deserve it. 

It's an Interzoo out there!

We’ve been a bit quiet on our blog recently, but that’s only because it’s been beyond busy at PitPat HQ!

You might have seen a few hints on our recent activity on Twitter and Facebook. We carefully packed up our little pooches, along with some exciting new packaging and we set off to Nuremberg in Germany. We were there to launch PitPat in Europe at Interzoo,  Europe’s largest Pet Trade show.

We were so excited that packed trains and some pretty crazy thunder storms couldn’t even dampen our enthusiasm. We were finally launching on the continent and getting to please the lovely potential Pack members who have been emailing us for months trying to get hold of a PitPat for their own pawsome pal. You might know that we already speak dog ? Well, now we also speak Dutch, French, German and we have at least 4 more languages imminent! Our new Pack member Sabrina, fluent in several languages,  attended with us and we had a blast connecting with the new Continental European PitPat Pack.

In fact we all found it very easy to explain  PitPat to interested parties, even if we couldn’t speak the same language. Technology has become so integral to our lives and PitPat is so simple to use that even with hand gestures and a few words there was a warm response.  There is such a worldwide receptivity to the many benefits of  pet-tech now and it feels so pawsome to be bringing such a great innovation to pets and their owners!

One major advantage of Interzoo in comparison to other recent shows we’ve attended was it was dog friendly!  It was rather difficult not to get distracted by all the lovely pooches passing by. We made plenty of new furry friends along with their German, Lithuanian, Italian, Spanish, French Russian and Dutch Humans. Many of them joined the Pack on the spot!

Another advantage of the size was being able to connect directly with so many retailers and distributors. We had so many interesting conversations about the applications of PitPat we were seriously inspired. More on the fruits of those conversations in future blogs!

We especially loved the PetTime;  a connected feeder, which had a webcam amongst other clever features. It’s become one of our new favourite gadgets and it was amazing to see another UK pet-tech company taking the show by storm!

While we made new friends we also caught up with some old friends too. Our chins and tails wagged for a while when we saw the Scampers crew and the wonderful  Lintbells in the British pavilion. Woofy got some supplements for his itchy skin and he agreed it was good to have a scientifically proven supplement provider from the UK. We also got on swimmingly with the purveyors of a pawsome beer for dogs called ‘Bottom Sniffer!’ Woofy, was so impressed when I told him about it, he escaped from his pen and went for a brew and was gone ALL day in spite of our many Twitter pleas for his safe return! They also do tonics and tea and biscuits range and everything is both beneficial and quintessentially British. We’ve just gifted a lovely set of tea and biscuits to a poochy Pack pal of ours who is hitting double digits today. We hope you like them Hazel. 

One of our other pups was loaned to Karlie Flamingo, our new European distributor and he looked rather cute over on their rather enormous stand.  Andrew, our founding Hound was especially pleased that our company colours coordinated so brilliantly. The future working relationship looks very bright and orange. With great sales at the show it was definitely a success and we cannot wait to come back in 2018!

PitPat Pack + Wearable Technology Show = Pawsome

The PitPat pack went on our walkies again, this time it was off to London for the Wearable Technology Show held at the Excel Centre. It was a very different kettle of fish from Crufts, mainly because there were no fishy dog treats. There were a plethora of visual and wearable treats for us to feast our eyes, arms, fingers and ankles on... 

The show was noticeably well organised and we had a roam first checking out what was on offer. Our new Pack member fell hard for the practicality and solidity of the Hoodie Buddie. It had machine washable ear phones and mic that were also the draw strings on the hood. A perfectly sized zip pocket to enclose your phone then seamlessly connected you. A subtle but infinitely practical wearable in our opinion!

We moved from the subtle to the glaringly conspicuous clothing that was covered in flashing  lights. These were aptly named Visijax! Our interest was homing in on the jackets  for cycling as Cambridge is bike central. Being seen here tends to prevent losing altercations with lorries.

The outstanding product that frankly, knocked us out with its ingenuity was the Corner boxing gloves. These clever gloves analysed the type of punch, as well as the speed and power instantly and then gives you a detailed overview of your performance.  Corner was intelligently designed and definitely one of the more exciting offerings of the many samey wearable fitness products for humans at the show.

The Corner guys explaining the technology to the Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury.

The Corner guys explaining the technology to the Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury.

It's a Knock Out!

It's a Knock Out!

Our roaming was halted as our stand got pawsomely busy! As the only British designed and made dog wearable there we were constantly answering questions and chatting with interested show goers. Everyone wanted in on the PitPat Pack! We also couldn’t help stopping the traffic of journalists, technology vloggers, bloggers and film makers passing by. They were both curious and excited by this fresh prospect of a truly dog-centric activity monitor. Andy pitpatted from interview to podcast to presentation with his usual fitness and finesse. Here he is having been invited to speak on the main stage to a panel of judges and larger audience about the PitPat.

Fifi (the pooch) enjoying her moment of fame here as demo dog!

Fifi (the pooch) enjoying her moment of fame here as demo dog!

Our very own pawsome pup did a little special guest speaking too...

He wanted the microphone moved down a bit, had to bark louder in the end.

He wanted the microphone moved down a bit, had to bark louder in the end.

New member of the Pack Esther gave several more interviews and quotes to various members of the press. There was a high peak in Esther’s activity level graph when Mary Portas and film crew stopped by to interview Andy. She will most likely feature as the effusively excited woman in orange dress at some point soon! We were featured in a whole bunch of articles... Here is a roundpup of some of our highlights from WTS;
•    Olly Man of the Guardian had a no nonsense approach.
•    Our Twitter tech news video interview.
•    Geek News Central Obvious why we liked this one!
•    Our playful pups loving on Mary Portas’ shoe’s
•    The Gadget show’s Amy and crew rocking up to film our stand and interview us. She was lovely and super busy, we caught her having a little dog nap later while pretending to try out a smart bed...

As we couldn’t move much for the crowds, we felt fortunate to be placed opposite a very interesting stand - Sensoria. These were a genuinely cool set of wearable fitness devices that got us very keen to get our #Packrun on. (More on the Pack runners coming soon.) We picked up a pair of socks, a sleek anklet sensor that is magnetised to the sock, and an app paired by Bluetooth just like the PitPat. There are actually multiple propriety pressure sensors IN THE SOCKS.(?!) The anklet measures and relays activity to the app which gives you continuous real time tips and hints about your cadence, pace, posture with feedback and coaching. Don’t worry, the anklets are not bulky or heavy so they don’t make you look like a criminal. It was waggy tails all round when the Sensoria crew decided to join our Pack too and picked up a PitPat!

We can highly recommend the WTS for anyone who wants to get their geek on and fetch the freshest innovation in this rapidly changing, expanding market area.

In our next pupdate... We’ve taken up running together at PitPat and made some furry friends on our #Packrun!

The Pack at Crufts

Hello PitPat Pack! We have been so busy recently at PitPat HQ we’ve hardly had a moment to stop and sniff the spring flowers ourselves... On the pawsome side, we’ve been racking up a whole lot of activity. Here is where we have been on our walkies the past few weeks...

We went to Crufts at Birmingham NEC, and it was intensely busy; full to the brim with pooches and proud owners, as well as a delightful array of pet paraphernalia and plenty of worthy causes to discover and support.

After doing a little dog showing of our own...


...we rubbed noses with ChuckIt UK and their amazing selection of fantastic pooch friendly toys and games. The stand was so colourful and cheerful it made us want to go play fetch too. We also really enjoyed giving away a free ChuckIt with every PitPat as we love that they have the same aims as us, to keep dogs healthy and happy! Then it was waggy tails all round as we welcomed the canine coterie of Crufts. We saw the PitPat on huge dogs...


and teeny dogs...

...and all the breeds in between. It was delightful to meet so many furry PitPat Packers at our stand and chat to their humans about all of the fun activity logging they’d enjoyed since buying their PitPats.

We saw quite a few famous furry faces too!

Hazel and Bramble the performing pooches were showing off their skills and PitPats and won some rosettes in their competitions as well as stacking up a lot of activity that day!

We met our first canine journalist and not just any journalist, this guy was the Editor in chief of the Barking Bugle, Josef Teckel! 

Among our favourite stands apart from ours, were the doggy masseuses. It was too adorable watching the dedicated care from both the owners and the friendly masseuse who explained the stages of the treatment to me when I stopped by to watch. I was admittedly a teeny bit jealous, but we hadn’t been running around busily or standing smartly for hours (oh wait, yes we had!)


We kitted out a human with a PitPat over on the Lintbells stand. Here he is looking rather fetching...

Lintbells are specialists at supplements for improving health and wellbeing for dogs. They had a wide range for all ages of pooches including joint care supplements. It was lovely to meet such a nice pack who are conducting scientific research to help all dogs to achieve their optimum health and fitness.  We are proud to say that their Pack goals and ours are the same.


We were also head over paws to meet Nando Brown when he stopped by our stand. He is an incredible dog trainer and his videos with pooch Fizz are a joy to watch! He picked up a PitPat for Fizz and they have been happily posting her pawsome activity screen shots ever since. Epic activity levels here, especially on agility training days. Woof! 

In amongst all of that inspiring dog centred care we saw several amazing charities that blew our paws off with their pawfect loveliness.

We met a gorgeous pooch at the Hearing Dogs charity stand and a nice human told us about the work that the canine keepers do for their deaf clients. Their intelligent pups have literally saved the lives of their deaf recipients many times. Nearby we wandered past another stand for the charity Support Dogs that was incredibly moving. Some of these clever pooches work with humans with autism to help them with communication and socialisation and also reduce anxiety and help to calm and prevent outbursts. What really amazed us was the dogs who are trained to detect when their human is about to have an epileptic fit and can alert the human themselves so that they can get to a safe space. These intelligent dogs can even fetch blankets to keep them warm. The other noteworthy stand we saw was for Dogs for Good, a charity that works with children and families as well as individuals with an array of challenging conditions and disabilities. The assistance these dogs provide is life transforming for all involved, allowing greater levels of independence, confidence and lessening self consciousness as well as bringing a playful fun element to day to day lives. The whole experience helped us realise all over again what a great deal dogs do for us humans and how important it is for us to use every ounce of our best technology and scientific advancements to give back a bit to these furry best friends who are so selfless and loyal. As they said, dogs are good for us, and we at PitPat aim to be really good for dogs!

Our next pupdate will be a dog’s eye view on the Wearable Technology Show recently held in London’s Excel Centre. There were plenty of actual health and fitness wearables on show as well as a good amount of virtual reality for humans, and yet we were pulling in the crowds with our pawsome wearable technology for dogs!

The coming of age of pet-tech

Technology at CES 2016

Human fitness is a huge business. More people are exercising to get fitter, lose weight and feel better and they understand that products such as FitBit, Jawbone and smart watches can help them live a healthier lifestyle and hit their exercise goals. However, it has taken time for consumers to see how these products can be helpful and embrace them.

The concept of pet-tech isn’t new, over the last few years several pet-tech products have been launched at CES. However, the market was still too immature since human health and fitness products were still in their infancy. Combined with this, the public saw them as too expensive, too large and there were compromises in the design, such as a short battery life.

At CES 2016, this all changed. For the first time, there were pet-tech products where the needs of the consumer were met, and they were welcomed with open arms. Owners love their pets and want them to be fitter, happier and healthier than they are.

The concept of pet-tech may not always have been taken seriously. However, compared to many of the other “IOT” applications on display at CES, we think it has serious merit. At the end of the day there is limited use for a connected kettle and toaster.

Let us give you a few examples of this technology at its best:

•    Imagine if your cat flap knew to let only your cat in? No more unwanted visitors with @Sureflap

•    Imagine if you could play with your cat while you are at work? No more boring meetings with @Petcube

•    Imagine if your dog could play itself smart, with no one else around. No more idle paws with @CleverPet

•    Imagine if all your pet’s health information was in one place and could easily be shared with walkers, groomers and vets. You are in safe hands with @PetVault

The best thing is, when you connect these applications we can do incredible things and learn more about the health and wellness of pets than ever before. At PitPat we are working on some great integrations to make the future happen now. Here’s a few ways people will be using PitPat soon:

•    Don’t know how much you should feed your dog? Let PitPat and a connected feeder help to balance calories in and calories out.

•    Paying for other people's unhealthy pooches? Opt to share your data with your insurance provider to turn walkies into savings.

•    Want to get early warnings when something changes or doesn't look quite right? Compare how your dog is doing to others of same age and breed, and help the world learn more about dogs.

We strongly believe technology has its place to improve and augment traditional pet care, not replace it. What’s next is exciting and we are proud to be at the forefront; the future for pet-tech is now.

Our CES health and fitness round-pup

Andrew Nowell from PitPat interviewed at CES 2016

Having just jetted in from Las Vegas, the beginning of this year has been a whirlwind to say the least, but fear not, we weren’t left chasing our tails at the Consumer Electronics Show and in fact we’ve got the paw-fect round up, of ‘what the #tech’ happened when we went stateside.  

Along with welcoming new friends to our PitPat pack on our stand, we also rubbed noses with the press a bit too. I made my personal debut on television on none other than the Fox network, and we were also featured in some great tech round-ups from CES 2016 including the BBC, The Sunday Times Ireland, The Telegraph, USA Today and the i.

We were in great CES company in these features, and fitness gadgets were definitely a hot trend at this year’s show. So, with this in mind and considering most of us em-bark on New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy, we’ve sniffed out some truly great tech products to keep at the front of your mind, when starting a new exercise regime. 

1.    OMbra  - A sports bra that tracks multiple metrics including heart rate, breathing rate and can be linked to the OmRun app, where you can measure distance, pace and fatigue levels without worrying about anything falling off and getting lost!

2.    Digitsole – This is a tracker insole measuring your real steps and offering the most accurate activity measurement available, perfect if you’ve ever discovered after a long walk that your wrist/phone tracker hasn’t even started counting.

3.    Levl – For those of us who want to know whether our workout actually did anything, the Levl is a breathalyser that measures your breath for fat-burning chemicals. This was one of the more unusual products we saw, but could go some way to convince you it’s not all in vain…

4.    Solos – If you’re into cycling, this is the piece of tech for you. As well as shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun, your heart rate, current speed and distance travelled are all measured and displayed on these glasses, meaning less chance of you falling off your bike when you go to check your wrist monitor.

Of course PitPat is also a must have product for tracking your dog’s daily exercise in 2016 so if you haven’t got your dog activity monitor yet, order it here.

So, while we head to Midsummer Common for a stroll in the park and give belly rubs all round to the rest of the PitPat pack, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog where we’ll share our thoughts on the future of pet tech.


The PitPat Pack visit Vegas (We're at CES 2016!)

The PitPat Pack at CES

They say that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, well we can’t say that’s true for PitPat because we’re barking from the rooftops that we’re at CES 2016, a global consumer technology exhibition which is set to attract 170,000 visitors (that’s the population of Milton Keynes!) between 6-9 January. The show is where start-ups and some of the world’s largest tech companies come to showcase their new and exciting products.

As the world-renowned forum for future tech trends, we couldn’t hope for a better platform to tell everyone about our brand new activity monitor for dogs and we’ll be making the most of this pawsome journey by meeting as many of our US partners as possible and making new fur-friends along the way.

The CES 2016 PitPat stand is at: 80422 Eureka Park Sands G 

The CES 2016 PitPat stand is at: 80422 Eureka Park Sands G 

We’re only sorry we couldn’t take you with us but if you'd like to keep up with our antics and who we're meeting, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll keep you pup-dated.

Now it’s time for the PitPat Pack to go walkies on the show floor, funnily enough, our jet lag isn’t making us feel ruff at all because Vegas has given us a new leash of life. Our tails haven't stopped wagging since we got here!

Andy and Matthew
The PitPat Pack

#PawsFirst: An important message for potential pet parents at Christmas

brodie in his christmas jumper3.jpg

If there’s one pet hashtag we think you should share with your dog-loving friends this Christmas it’s this one: #PawsFirst. It refers to an awareness campaign from the PDSA which caught our eye earlier this month as the pet charity recently published their 2015 Animal Wellbeing PAW Report which has shown a trend for impulse-buying pets.

Most responsible dog owners will tell you how rewarding owning a dog is; being with your dog is therapeutic, they keep you active and get you outdoors, they provide unconditional love, they are loyal and more often than not, they’re pretty cute. The UK is a nation of pet lovers and most of us wouldn’t harm our pets intentionally, but the PDSA report has shown that many pet owners are unaware of what their companions need to lead a healthy, happy life.  


#PawsFirst mainly caught our attention because the issue of keeping dogs active is close to our hearts and these stats from the PAW report really jumped out at us.

•    2.3 million dogs (25 per cent of the UK dog population) are routinely left alone for five hours or more. Best advice suggests that four hours should be the maximum time.

•    465,000 dogs are never taken for a walk on the lead for ten minutes or more despite daily walks and socialisation with other dogs being essential for a dog's physical and mental health.

•    33% of dogs are overweight and four out of five vets had noted a rise in obese animals needing treatment, a fact highlighted in a recent Daily Star feature which explained how PitPat can help your dog lose weight.

We thought the stats were quite surprising, but we mustn’t forget that there are many owners who love getting out and about with their dogs and one thing PitPat can help with is to monitor a dog’s activity and help the owner understand if their dog is getting enough exercise, which can be at least one worry off your mind. It’s a bit like those measuring cups for making sure you’re feeding them the right amount of food.

Another helpful tool for making sure you’re ready to be a pet parent, is the short quiz that PDSA have devised as part of their campaign which can help you find out what pet is right for you. We thought it was a nifty idea and definitely one worth sharing. So if this issue is one that touches you, we’d encourage you to tell all your friends about it and hopefully it will make sure that friends and fur-iends alike all have a Merry Woofing Christmas and a Barking New Year!

Jasmine Harman supports #PawsFirst

Jasmine Harman supports #PawsFirst

Seven super presents to make it a pawsome Christmas for your pooch

Inspired by our recent appearance on The Gadget Show, the PitPat pack decided to put a selection of our favourite pet products through their paces to reveal the gorgeous gifts we’ll be giving to our pet pals this Christmas. 

So drum roll please as we reveal our super seven top pet presents this Christmas that our chief tester Zac sniffed out to provide your pooch with a tree-mendous Christmas:

1.    A cosy Christmas knit –

With Christmas jumper day looming on Friday 18 December we can’t blame anyone for getting their dog in on the act and Zac will be sporting his Happy Pet Cosy Christmas Knit we snapped up from

Zac getting ready for Christmas Jumper Day 2015

Zac getting ready for Christmas Jumper Day 2015

2.    A dapper bow (wow) tie  - Teddy Maximus

Looking stylish isn’t just for the Christmas season, so we’ll also be adding to Zac’s wardrobe with this natty Navy Dog Bow Tie from our friends at Teddy Maximus.

Keep it dapper this festive season

Keep it dapper this festive season

3.    Gorgeous grooming shampoo –

And naturally, because Zac’s worth it, he’ll also be getting a top up of his favourite Precious Pets Country Garden Luxury Conditioning Dog Shampoo.

Because you're worth it!

Because you're worth it!

4.    The must-have Christmas toy - ChuckIt

The PitPat pack love being active, so we’ve been fans of ChuckIt dog toys for ages.  Our latest discovery – the ChuckIt Indoor Launcher is perfect for Zac when he’s hanging out at PitPat HQ and it means that even when we’re all working hard in the office, we can still have a ball!

Did somebody say "Fetch"?

Did somebody say "Fetch"?

5. & 6.  A fine dining experience & a Christmas cracker – Lilys Kitchen, Billy + Margot

Christmas Dinner is set to be a cracker for Zac, thanks to the Billy + Margot Deer Antler chew which naturally includes hat and joke and we’d be fibbling if we said Zac won’t be getting some turkey tidbits from the table on Christmas Day, but he’ll also be tucking into Lily’s Kitchen special Christmas Three Bird Feast limited edition dinner.

Doggy jokes and tasty treats

Doggy jokes and tasty treats

A feast fit for a King (....Charles Spaniel and other pooches of course!)

A feast fit for a King (....Charles Spaniel and other pooches of course!)

7. PitPat: A pedigree pet tech gift!

So with all the seasonal eatings, we’re all looking forward to our Christmas Day stroll and naturally we’ll be tracking activity levels with Zac’s brand new PitPat! With gadget gifts always being a pedigree Christmas present, thanks to PitPat, dogs can also now get in on the trend for wearable tech. Zac has been part of the PitPat testing pack, but come Christmas Day he’ll be one of the first in the UK to have our just launched PitPat.

If your dog wants to be part of the PitPat pack you can order your PitPat activity monitor here before 20th December, and we’ll make like Santa Paws and get it delivered for Christmas Day.

Walk off that dinner!

Walk off that dinner!


And to top it all off, we'd like to give you the chance to win all the great gifts above! Simply head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out how or read the competition terms and conditions below. Our competition is open until 28th December.


The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

You are deemed to accept these terms and conditions when you enter the Win 7 pawsome Christmas presents for your pooch! competition. Please also note that this competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

1.1 Entry is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over unless otherwise specified.
1.2 Employees of Pitpatpet and any associated group companies and their immediate families are ineligible to enter. Any such entries will be invalid.
1.3 The closing time for entries is 28th December 2015, 11.59pm GMT. Any entries received after this time will be disregarded.
1.5 Entry to the competition must be by the applicable method and in accordance with the deadlines as indicated.
1.6 No multiple, bulk, automated, machine assisted, third party, syndicate or other group entries will be accepted.  We shall disqualify any entries which, in our reasonable opinion, appear to have used any of these entry methods.

2.1 Entry is by Facebook or Twitter only.
2.2 To be entered into the competition, entrants must post a picture of their Christmas pet to the PitPat Facebook page using the hashtag #PitPatXmas or to @pitpatpet using the hashtag #PitPatXmas 

3.1 Any entries which are incomplete, incorrect, incomprehensible, or not received by Pitpatpet by the due deadline will be void.
3.2 In the event of any fault, mistake, misunderstanding or dispute concerning the correctness or acceptability of any answers given by entrants, or the operation of any part of the competition the decision of Pitpatpet shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
3.3 At our discretion, we may elect to withdraw entrants that remove a follow, like, tweet or other preference that is required as an entry.

4.1 Pitpatpet will select one winner who will receive the following prizes, a Happy Pet Cosy Christmas Knit (, a Navy Dog Bow Tie (Teddy Maximus), Precious Pets Country Garden Luxury Conditioning Dog Shampoo (Precious Pets), a ChuckIt Indoor Launcher (Chuckit), a Deer Antler Christmas Cracker (Billy+Margot), a Christmas Three Bird Feast limited edition dinner (Lily’s Kitchen) and a PitPat activity monitor for dogs.
4.2 The winner will be notified on the date the winning entry is selected, 29th December 2015, or as soon as practical thereafter. You will have a specified fixed time period of 28 days to claim your prize. Failure to respond within the specified time period may result in forfeiture of the prize although Pitpatpet will make reasonable efforts to contact the winner to ensure this does not happen.

6.1 In the event that any entrant does not, or is unable to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the Competition Information, Pitpatpet shall be entitled at its sole discretion to disqualify such entrant, without any further liability to such entrant. Entrants must comply with any directions given to them by Pitpatpet including in relation to any and all relevant laws, rules and regulations.
6.2 These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and you and we submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.
6.3 Pitpatpet reserves the right to withdraw or amend any competition as necessary due to circumstances outside its reasonable control.
6.4 By uploading your photo to the Binatone Facebook or Twitter Pages, you acknowledge that that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the photograph. In addition, by entering the competition you are are agreeing to Pitpatpet using this content in any future marketing activity. 





Our tails are wagging thanks to our Pet-tacular TV appearance on The Gadget Show


Not ones to shy away from the camera, we were delighted when The Gadget Show asked to trial our activity monitor for dogs.

So do you want to know about the paw-fect review?

On November the 9th 2015, the Gadget Show selected four great doggy products to share with their tester Nicola, a gadget lover who was looking for pet tech for her two dogs. Cue Dash, The Gadget Show’s resident stunt dog, who willingly tried out a PitPat, the feedandgo, the iCalmDog and DogTV

When it came to the PitPat, Dash hopped onto a special doggy treadmill and gave a superb demonstration of how the PitPat activity tracker works.

Dash tests PitPat on The Gadget Show

Dash tests PitPat on The Gadget Show

“The PitPat is an activity monitor for dogs that works alongside an app to keep you informed of your dog’s movements throughout the day. It’s a bit like the fitness bands, which are all the rage for us humans, only doggified” said Jason Bradbury. Short of comparing it to a Fitbit for dogs, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

After explaining some of its other features such as the fact that it can differentiate between running, resting and playing, that it is breed specific and that it can help give you tips on how to keep your dog active, Nicola and Jason both agreed that PitPat can “help you get to know an aspect of your dog’s behaviour that has been a bit mysterious until now”. 

Nicola looks pretty convinced here don't you think?

Nicola looks pretty convinced here don't you think?

We thought Nicola looked pretty convinced and when it came to choosing which gadget she could take home, we thought she’d choose the PitPat, but in the end she let Dash choose for her and it seems his tummy had chosen the feedandgo. After all, it’s well known that the way to a pooch’s heart is through is stomach, but of course, we hope Nicola ends up buying a PitPat anyway!

Dash and his PitPat extreme-close-up...

Dash and his PitPat extreme-close-up...

You can still catch the episode of the Gadget Show on Channel 5 here but if you’re interested in getting your hands on your very own PitPat, we’re pleased to confirm that while we wait for our activity monitor to be available in the shops, that you can place a Priority Order on our website and get one in time for Christmas.


Leading our start-pup to the websummit

PitPat goes to websummit

Last week the PitPat team made their way over to Dublin for websummit, one of the world’s biggest tech conferences.  Over 40,000 people were there from startups to giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon. The show provides a lens into the future, with every company showing off their new ideas and innovations.

It’s a bit like TED talks crossed with Borough Market – an event packed full of inspiring ideas, bright minds and colourful people showing you what they’ve got to offer – a tech-lover’s wonderland.

Spotted: A larger than life dog at websummit. They must have known we were coming...

Spotted: A larger than life dog at websummit. They must have known we were coming...

We even discovered our own tail-wagging community as we rubbed noses with a dozen fellow pet-tech companies flying the flag for this new and growing market. All had apps or products that will improve the lives of dogs and their owners through technology. We were able to share ideas and experiences and made some new friends along the way plus we even got a mention on the El Passion retrospective blog.

If you like PitPat, you should definitely take a look at these pawsome companies:

HappyTail is a social network for dog lovers that connects you with other dog loving people to find new dog friends and dog sitters.

DOTT is a smart dog tag that aims to put an end to lost pets. It pairs with your phone to create a virtual leash, giving you a warning if they ever go out of range. 

PoochPal is a Friend Finder app for Your Dog, connecting fur friends around the corner or in your hand to sniff, chat, meet and play. We can’t wait for next year!

Matthew Storkey at our booth

Matthew Storkey at our booth

We sniffed out the best new products at The National Pet Show

From rabbit show jumping to duck-herding dogs, the National Pet Show had it all. This weekend the nation’s pet lovers flocked to the NEC to watch amazing animal performances, meet animal experts and pampurr their pets.


It was the pawfect place to do your Christmas shopping, with poodles of pet gifts and brand new products. We sniffed out the best at the show:

Nerf Dog – Looking for new fun ways to keep your dog active? Well the Nerf Dog range could be just the trick. We love their range of durable throw and retrieve toys, especially their ball launcher - your dog will be hitting its PitPat goal in no time!

Teddy Maximus – Are you and your pooch the most stylish on the block? Well you will be with luxury British brand Teddy Maximus. From luxury cocoon beds in cosy shetland wool to chic luxury dog carriers in quintessentially English Liberty print fabric, they have everything you need to be top dog.

PoopPot - No bin? No problem! PoopPot® is the new way to carry dog poop. PoopPot® is a collapsable silicone pot that expands to transport filled poop bags in a convenient, hygienic and smell free way. An essential for responsible dog owners on the go.

PetTime – Want to never be more than a click away from your dog?  PetTime comprises a wireless device controlled by a dedicated free app so owners can see, speak to and reward their dogs with treats from anywhere, anytime. Rover will never be lonely again!

Our paws were definitely sore by the end of the show - time for a well deserved rest!



You’d be barking mad to miss the National Pet Show 2015

The PitPat team is constantly on the go, and this weekend we’re not paw-sing either – as we head to the National Pet Show at the NEC Birmingham.

Looking to play puparazzi and meet some new pedigree chums, we’ll be monitoring all of the activity of the day, and spreading the word of PitPat, the activity monitor for dogs. 

The show is expecting around 20,000 pet, reptile and pooch lovers and is set to be the biggest and best show to date. If you’re heading along, you can expect to see the incredibly pupular Channel 4 Super Vet Noel Fitzpatrick’s SuperDogs Live show - where the most amazing and talented dogs will be strutting their stuff on stage.

The two day pet-acular has something for everyone too, from rabbit races and duck herding to heroic hounds – you’ll even get the opportunity to get your claws on some pawesome new pet gifts and gadgets in time for Christmas. 

We cannot wait to make lots of new furry (and not so furry) friends, so if you are coming along, make sure you track us down to enquire about how to join our pack. If you can’t be there, don’t worry you can still get your paws on a PitPat in time for Christmas by heading to our priority-ordering page.