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Four-legged comrades! We stand on the cusp of a playful revolution, and our demands are simple. We want more of the playtime that makes us happy and healthy. And we want £10 off for any human who gives it to us. BUY NOW

How it works

PitPat 2 is an amazing activity monitor that gives your owner a recommended exercise goal just for you, and then measures the walking, running and playing you actually do. It even shows how many calories you’ve burnt, and soon it’ll show how far you’ve walked too! It has a one-year replaceable battery (no recharging!). Just strap it to your collar, get your human to download the free app, and let the games begin!

Buy now only £39

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Act now

Get your human to sign up to our newsletter to receive the tips, tricks and games that make for a happy and healthy dog. To celebrate the launch of our campaign, they’ll also get a pawsome £10 discount for a PitPat 2 activity monitor.

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